DJ Case with 10 upper rack spaces
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The Gemini MRC cases are developed with Gemini's 35+ years of DJ experience in mind.
DJ equipment is subjected to many rigors in transit, including damaging impacts, water, and improper handling, such as carrying a turntable upside-down.
Gemini's MRC cases embody our attempt to neutralize these rigors.
Combining lightweight and strong protection, the MRC cases provide DJs long-lasting and convenient protection for any size rig!
NOTE: MRC-16 comes with wheels. * 10 upper rack spaces * Available in 16 (MRC-16), 8 (MRC-8), * 6 (MRC-6 shown), and 2 (MRC-2) lower rack spaces * Black carpeting * Metal corners, spring handles and removable lid * Front and rear access with doors * MRC-16 comes with wheels