MS Series Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand with Adjustable Angle and Axis, Acoustic Foam Platform, and Three Internal Channels - Black
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The MS Series studio reference monitor stands from Ultimate Support offer unparalleled innovation & strength for professional, project, & home studios alike.
The MS-80 is a desktop monitor stand that features non-slip, high-density acoustic foam & an angle-adjustable base that enables the end user to fine tune the sweet spot.
The MS-90 is a column monitor stand that offers internal cable management channels & 6000 Series aluminum construction while the MS-100 is essentially a combination of the two!
MS-100B Product Breakdown:
* Easily Adjust the Angle & Axis of Your Monitors
* Sonic Isolation & Decoupling
* Three Internal Channels for Cable & Weight Management
* Ultimate Support Design
Easily Adjust the Angle & Axis of Your Monitors
The MS-100 & MS-80 both feature patent-pending technology & design that gives control over the angle & axis of your studio monitors.
Fine tune the position of your monitors for the perfect mix or listening position w/the turn of the front-panel dial.
What's more, you can angle your monitors up OR down based on your needs!
Sonic Isolation & Decoupling
From top to bottom, all three MS Series stands feature sonic isolation & decoupling components.
The MS-100 delivers acoustic foam/stabilizing pads on top, two rubber couplers between the column & the top & bottom bases, & spike decoupling designs under the top & bottom base plates.
Add the MS-100 to your studio & discover what you've been missing in your mix!
Three Internal Channels for Cable & Weight Management
The MS-100 & MS-90 offer three internal channels that run the length of the column.
So your studio remains clear of untidy cables, two channels are designed for audio & power respectively.
For additional stability, the larger third channel can be filled w/shot or sand.
Ultimate Support Design
The MS Series studio monitor stands are made from the highest quality materials backed by award-winning design that marries both form & fashion.
The modern studio owner will love the contemporary look while the veteran engineer will appreciate the solid build & versatility.
MS-100B Specs
* Product Name: MS-100B
* Part Number: 17450
* Color: Black w/Black Accents
* Capacity: 75 lbs.
(34 kg)
* Column Height (Spikes to Top Plate): 36-in (914mm)
* Column Height (Foot Caps to Top Plate): 36.5-in (927mm)
* Monitor Platform Height (w/Acoustic Foam): 2-in (51mm)
* Top Plate Dimensions: 10.25-in x 10.25-in (260mm - 260mm)
* Base Diameter: 19-in (483mm)
* Weight: 15.7 lbs.
(7.1 kg)

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