Musician's Survival Kit
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The Hosa Musician’s Survival Kit contains essential adaptors, connectors, Y cables, & accessories:
Microphone holder, 25 mm (MHR-225)
Stereo breakout, 1/4-in in TRS to 1/4-in in TSF (YPP-117)
Y cable, 1/4-in in TS to 1/4-in in TSF (YPP-111)
Adaptor, XLR3F to 1/4-in in TRS (GXP-143)
Adaptor, XLR3M to 1/4-in in TRS (GXP-246)
Coupler, 1/4-in in TRS to same (GPP-105)
Adaptor, 1/4-in in TRS to 3.5 mm TRS (GMP-112)
Adaptors, 1/4-in in TS to RCA, 2 pc (GPR-104)
Adaptors, RCA to 1/4-in in TS, 2 pc (GPR-101)
Adaptor, 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4-in in TRS (GPM-103)
Connector, 1/4-in in TS (PLG-025)
Connectors, dual banana (BNA-100)
Rack screws & washers, 12 pc (RMC-180)
Hook-and-loop organizers, 5 pc (WTI-148G)
Please see entries for individual models referenced above for full descriptions.