Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor w/USB Hardware Plug-In Capability
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Our revolutionary MX200 & MX400 changed everything.
The great sound of a hardware Lexicon reverb — plus the ability to put that power to work as part of your DAW workflow via PC VST & Mac AU plug-ins (32-bit only).
Now we’ve packed a significant portion of the MX400’s feature set into the ultra-affordable MX300.
All parameters of every reverb, delay & dynamic effect in this powerhouse processor are available inside any PC VST or Macintosh AU compatible DAW program.
Just link your computer to the MX300 w/a USB cable & control automation & recall parameters exactly as you would w/any software plug-in.
You get the sonic benefits only Lexicon hardware can provide…without bogging down your computer’s CPU w/the extreme demands of reverb plug-ins.
Along w/our unique “hardware plug-ins” for PC & Mac, we’ve also included MX-Edit Librarian software so you can store & recall custom programs or pull up an unlimited number of Lexicon settings.
We urge you to do a serious side-by-side listening test of of the MX300 versus comparably-priced competition & units costing far more.
You’ll hear why Lexicon is the leader in reverberation effects.
Why not put the unprecedented power & connectivity of the MX300 to work on your productions?
When money is no object, Lexicon gets written into more major tour riders than any other brand of reverb.
But when money is a concern, you can still have the rich, detailed texture that makes the Lexicon sound unique.
Here is a full arsenel of voice & instrument-enhancing effects including sixteen Lexicon reverbs, seven delays, genuine dbx compression & de-essing & modulated effects that will make any performance sound better.
We designed the MX300 to be ultra-easy-to use in demanding live sound situations.
Once a program has been selected, you have instant access to three parameter knobs — instead of having to page through extra menus.
You can program a whole night of presets, & dial them up quickly w/the dedicated program select knob & bright LED display.
Like every product that Lexicon makes, the MX300 is designed to withstand years of jarring, jostling, load-ins, load-outs, brownouts & power surges.
It’s simply the most live reverb ever offered at this price.