Optidrive 3 Way Electronic Crossover Network w/Remote Bass Boost Level Control
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* Blue Light Illuminated Control Panel
* Removable Covers For Power And In/Output Ports.
* Rotary Control Knobs
* 12db Per Octave Crossover Slopes
* PWM Power Supply Subwoofer Mode Switch
* Remote Bass Boost (0-+18db) And Level Controls
* Variable Subwoofer Frequency Control 40-400 Hz
* Variable High-Pass Frequency Control (Mid-Range) 40-800Hz
* Variable Low-Pass Frequency Control (Mid-Range) 2k-7 Khz
* Variable High-Pass Frequency Control (40-8 Khz)
* X1, X10 High Pass Frequency Multiplier-Switch
* Parametric Q Control (2-20)
* Left And Right Mid Range Phase Shift Control (0-180)
* Variable Bass Boost Frequency Control 25-250 Hz
* Band Pass/ High Pass Control Switch
* Subwoofer Stereo/Mono Mode Control
* Mid/High Sub RCA Inputs
* High, Mid Sub RCA Outputs
* Variable Output Level Controls, 7 Volts
* Dimensions : 6-in W X 1.75-in H X 12.69-in L

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