Digital Backlit LCD Multimeter, AC, DC, Volt, Current, Resistance, Transistor, And Range W/ Protective Rubber Case
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* Digital LCD display
* Measures AC Voltage range of 200V ~ 600V with overload protection of 600V rms
* Measures DC Voltage range of 200mV ~ 600V with overload protection of 600V
* Measures DC current range of 200µA ~ 10A with overload protection provided by 250mA/250V fuse
* Measures Resistance from 200O to 2MO
* Transistor hFE measurement range of 0 ~ 1000
* Indicates continuity with beep sound
* Auto Polarization
* Refreshes display every 2-3 seconds
* 9v battery supply (not included)
* Read Instructions and warnings before use