Wireless Dual Channel UHF Microphone System w/2 Microphones
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* UHF system is perfect for large Events
* Foldable antennas
* Independent volume control for each microphone
* Power indicators for each microphone
* Sensitivity: 80dB
* Signal-to-Noise: > 80 dB
* Image Rejection: > 50dB
* Audio Frequency Response: 80-12000HZ
* System Distortion: Microphone
* Mute switch lets you cut the power at the Touch of a button
* Maximum Deviation Range: 35 KHz (Max)
* Frequency Stability: +/-0.005%
* RF Output Power: 40dB
* Current Consumption: <50mA
* Operate Range: 160 - 200 ft.
* Battery: 9V
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 6.3 lbs.
This wireless mic system was designed with the professional in mind.
Comes with two (2) wireless UHF mics.
On the base unit, two telescoping receiver antennas assure a maximum-quality link with the microphones within range.
Dual volume controls provide independent control over each mic.
Uses 1/4-in jack outputs.
Two 9V batteries included.