12 Ft. HDMI Cable w/24k Gold-Plated Connectors
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* Number Of Connectors: 2
* Connectors Details: 1 x HDMI Type A 19 Pin Male, 1 x HDMI Type A 19 Pin Male
* 24k Gold-Plated Connectiors
* Insulation: Quad-Shielding
* Jacket: PVC - Flexible
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 0.56 lbs.
This HDMI cable carries both high definition audio and video for the best possible quality on your HDTV.
Capable of delivering video up to 1080p and the latest audio codecs, this cable is perfect for Blu-Ray players, digital cable and satellite boxes, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.
One end plugs into your TV, the other into your device - it's that easy.
Pyle's cables use 24k gold-plated connectors and quad-shielding insulation to minimize signal degradation and maximize quality.
12 foot length.
Type A-A.