Honda & Acura Transponder Data Override Interface Bypass
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Honda Acura Transponder Data Override Interface: No Key Required fixed firmware BYPASSKIT for almost all Honda & Acura vehicles.
(See vehicle application guide for more specific coverage) Includes a new D2D port for secure override when paired w/D2D enabled remote start system.
Package Measurements (LxWxH): 140.00 x 116.00 x 39.00 mm 5.51 x 4.57 x 1.54-in
PKH34 is a fixed Honda & Acura Transponder Data Override Interface solution that works on almost all 2001 to 2011 Honda & Acura vehicles.
100% compatible w/any remote start system, PKH34 is also the first BYPASSKIT fixed firmware solution to add an enhanced data security override activation port (D2D).
The D2D activation port takes the PKH34 BYPASSKIT to another level when paired w/any remote start system using the D2D communication protocol.
D2D (data to data) is the same communication protocol used w/the XPRESSKIT line of programmable vehicle modules, however in the case of the PKH34 the data port is used solely as data activation input when paired w/a similarly equipped D2D remote start system.
Security of the override module is enhanced by disabling all analogue inputs whenever the module detects communication w/a D2D enabled remote start system.
This prevents the override feature from being activated by any other method other than the remote start system.
Enhanced D2D functionality provides a secure single wire data override
Compatible w/any remote car starter
Compatible w/manufacturer's anti-theft & content theft security system
Maintains integrity of manufacturer's anti-theft immobilizer system
Maintains integrity of manufacturer's security & convenience functions
Compact design, easy to mount
No Key Required for operation (NKR)
Simple programming
All temperature operation