Wireless Rear View Back-up Camera & Monitor Parking/Reverse Assist System, 3.5-in Display, Distance Scale Lines, Night Vision Waterproof Cam, Swivel Angle Adjustable
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* Wireless Backup Camera & Monitor Parking Assist System.
* Includes Camera, Monitor and All Necessary Cables & Wiring Wireless Transmitter:.
* 2.4G Signal Transmitter.
* Instantly Sends Camera Video to LCD Display.
* Wireless Transmission Distance: 100 Feet Max.
Monitor Display:.
* 3.5-in Slim TFT/LCD Screen.
* Reverse Camera Priority Signal Sense.
* Automatic Turn-On Activation when Video Signal Received.
* Built-in 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Receiver.
* Additional Video Monitor Connection Ability.
* Brightness: 200 cD/m.
* Contrast: 200:1.
* Video System: NTSC/PAL Auto Switching Camera:.
* Marine Grade Construction.
* Waterproof & Fog Resistant, IP67 Rating.
* Night Vision Low Lighting Capable.
* Low Lux Performance (0.2 Lux).
* Built-in Distance Scale Line Display.
* Preferably Mounting Above the Rear License Plate.
* Tilt Adjustable Camera Angle.
* 420 TVL Horizontal Resolution.
* True Color Reproduction.
* Total Pixels: 656 x 492.
* Wide Viewing Angle: 170 Degree.
* Auto White Balance.
* Video Output: 1.0V PP-75 Ohm.
* Power Supply: DC 12V, 200mA.
* Dimensions (W x H x D): 10.0-in x 1.3-in x 1.26