Rear View Backup Reverse/Parking Camera, Waterproof Night Vision Cam, Distance Scale Line Display, Swivel Angle Adjustable Cam
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* Mini Square Night Vision Camera Housing.
* IP-67 Waterproof Rating.
* Fog Resistant.
* Exterior Vehicle Mountable.
* Distance Scale Line Projection
* (4) LED Night Vision Illuminating Lights
* Low Light / Lux Performance.
* Swivel Angle Adjustable Cam.
* True Color Reproduction.
* Total Pixels: 656 x 492.
* Resolution: 420 Horizontal TV Lines.
* Auto White Balance.
* Video Output: 1 0VPP.
* 75 Ohm.
* Power Supply: DC 12V 200mA.
* Wide Camera Viewing Angle: 170 Degrees Degrees.
* Low Lux Performance of 0.2 LUX Night Vision.
* Includes Necessary Installation Cables/Wiring.
* Total Unit Dimensions: 0.9-in (W) x 0.9-in (H) x 0.9-in (D)

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