HD Dual DVR Recording Cameras & Rearview Mirror Monitor System with Hi-Res Video Record, Image Capture, Night Vision Illumination, Motion Impact Recording, (2) Cameras, Built-in 4.25-in Screen Display, Built-in Distance Scale Lines, Parking Assist
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System Features:
* Dual DVR Camera Recording System
* Rearview Mirror Monitor with (2) Cameras
* Easily Mounts to Your Existing Rearview Mirror Assembly
* Camera + Camcorder: Snap Pictures and Record Video
* Transfer Files to Computer to Save & Share
* Built-in 4.25-in Video Screen Display with Cameras:
* (1) Camera Located on Mirror Assembly (Front Vehicle Recording)
* (1) Exterior Mount Waterproof Camera (Rear Vehicle Recording)
* Micro SD Card Slot
* PiP Function: Picture-in -Picture Ability to See Both Cameras On-Screen
* Switchable to View Either Camera on the Video Screen Display
* Night Vision Illumination and Low Light Performance, 0.2 LUX
* Built-in Distance Scale Lines (Exterior Mount Camera)
* Marine Grade Waterproof Construction, IP-68 (Exterior Mount Camera)
* Convenient Parking Assist System Adds Safety & Reliability
* Record Video from One or Both Cameras
* Slide-Out Touch Button Menu Controls
* User-Friendly Interface Display
* Auto Record Function: Automatically Records on Vehicle Start
* Recording Time Selectable: OFF, 1, 2 or 5 minutes
* Includes All the Necessary Cables & Wiring
* Brightness, Exposure and Color Adjustment Settings
* Quickly Mount and Un-Mounts
* Anti-Glare Rearview Mirror
* *Can be hard-wired or powered via included cigarette lighter accessory cable LCD Display:
* Hi-Res 4.25-in Full Color Video Display
* Monitor is Built-in to the Rearview Mirror Assembly
* Display Screen Can Be Powered Off for Full Mirror Use
* Instantly Preview Your Images and Video On the Display Screen Video Recording:
* Choose Between 1080p and VGA
* 1080p: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
* VGA: 640 x 480 Pixels
* Record Modes: Front, Back or Double Record
* Video File Format:.mp4 Image Capture:
* Choose Between 1, 2 or 3 Mega Pixel Images
* Image File Format:.jpeg Technical Specs:
* Total Assembly: (L x W x H): 12.1-in x 1.3-in x 3.3-in
* Mirror Only Size: (L x H): 11.5-in x 2.80-in
* 140 Degrees Degree Wide Angle Camera Lens
* Watermark / Date Stamp: ON/OFF
* Micro SD Card Suppoty: Up to 32 GB, *Not Included
* Power Cord Length: 11.3 ft.
* Power Supply: DC 12V