9-in Quad TFT/LCD Video Monitor w/Headrest Shroud RCA Connectors (Black)
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* 9-in Widescreen LCD Monitor
* Built-in Quad Control Box Screen Function
* Supports Four Video Camera Inputs (V1/V2/V3/V4)
* Selectable Viewing Modes: Single Full View / Split Dual Video View / Quad Four Source View
* Displays One, Two or Four Video Connections On-Screen
* Multiple Source Safety & Security Display
* Reverse Image Function for Connecting Vehicle Backup Cameras
* Headrest Shroud for Flush Mounting & Installation
* (4) RCA Video Connector Jacks
* Connect up to Four Cameras
* Input Source Selection
* Front Panel Touch Button Controls
* Brightness, Color, Contrast Picture Adjustments
* AC Power Supply Accessories Included:
* Monitor Detachable Headrest Shroud
* Universal Stand Mount
* Power & Wiring Harness
* Remote Control
* TFT/LCD Screen Display
* Active Matrix Video Monitor
* Pixel Resolution: 640 x 234
* Video Format System: PAL/NTSC Compatible
* Operating Temperature: -20 to +65
* Power Requirement: DC 12V +/- 10%
* Direct DC 12 Volt Connection
* Power Consumption: 5W Max
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 2.98 lbs.
The Pyle PLHRQD9B video display monitor allows you to connect up to four video sources and view them all at the same time on the 9-in inch screen.
The built-in quad control box function enables split-screen ability for you to display video input from sources like other video monitors or backup rearview cameras.
It's perfect for in-vehicle security applications and adds another level of safety when on the road.
Connect up to four video inputs to this monitor and then view them in a variety of modes: single view, split dual view and quad four source view -- that allows you to see up to (4) different video sources at once.
The reverse function allows you to flip the monitor's picture display making it compatible when you mount a rear view backup camera systems to your vehicle.
The monitor includes a universal stand and headrest shroud that makes it perfect for custom installations and compatible with a wide variety of mounting options or mount the monitor to the back of your headrest.
Gain access to monitor display vehicle safety, parking assistance and more with the Pyle PLHRQD9B quad-view (4) source zone display video system.