600 Watt Bluetooth Sound System for Motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile with Weatherproof Speakers, Amplifier, 3.5mm Input for iPod/MP3 Players, iPhones, Smartphones, Dual Handle-Bar Mount and USB Charger
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* 300 Watts x 2 Channel Micro Amplifier with wire harness
* Dual chrome aluminum bullet style 2.25-in speakers
* Pair of clamps
* Universal handlebar mount rotary volume control
* Chrome Stainless Universal handlebar audio mount
* 12 Volt T-TAP
* USB charger & Satellite 5V plug
* Easy Chrome Stainless Mounting Brackets and Accessories included
* Environment resistance and water proof Bluetooth and in-line volume control console with 3.5mm Stereo Input Jack, Easy Connection to the Output of Other Audio Devices
* Works with iPhone/Smartphones, iPod/MP3 Players, Cell Phones, etc.
* Bluetooth 3.0 technology
* Bluetooth auto connected while power on
* Bluetooth auto disconnected while Aux-in (3.5mm connector)
* Bluetooth console Dimension : 1.65-in (W) x 0.87-in (H) x 2.36-in (L)
* Easy and quick installed handle-bar mount bracket is included
* Speaker Dimensions : 2.5-in (W) x 2.5-in (H) x 3-in (L)
* Amplifier Dimensions : 3.25-in (W) x 1.5-in (H) x 2-in (L)