Marine Grade 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit
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* Marine Grade Cables and Wires
* Perfect for Installations in Boats and Outdoor
* High Resistance to Moisture
* 20ft.
8 Gauge Red Power Wire
* 4ft.
8 Gauge Black ground Wire
* 20ft.
18 Gauge Blue Remote Turn-On
* 20ft.
12 Gauge StereoSpeaker Wire
* 20ft.
Right Angle/Standard Stereo RCA Audio Cable
* 6ft.
Black Split Loom Cable Conduit
* AGU Type 60A Gold Plated Fuse
* Water Resistant In-line Fuse Holder
* 2 Ring Terminals: 8G
* 2 Spade Terminals: 8G
* 5 Spade Terminals: 14-16G
* 3 Butt Connectors 20 Cable Ties
* 1 Black Grommet
* Sold as: 0
* Weight: 2.1 lbs.
Get all the wires you need to hook up a new marine audio system with this Pyle Hydra amplifier installation kit.
These wires have high resistance to moisture, so they"re a great fit on your boat or in outdoor settings.
Included wires: 20 ft.
8-gauge red power wire, 4 ft.
8 gauge black ground wire, 20 ft.
18-gauge blue remote turn-on, 20 f.
12 gauge stereo speaker wire, 20 ft.
stereo RCA cable, and 6 ft.
black split loom cable conduit.
Also includes an AGU type 60A gold-plated fuse, water resistant in-line fuse holder, two 8G ring terminals, two 8G spade terminals, five 14-16G spade terminals, 3 butt connectors, 20 cable ties, and one black grommet.