Universal Marine Stereo Housing w/Full Chassis Wired Casing (Black)
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* Universal Marine Stereo Housing
* Protect your Stereo from Harsh Marine Environment
* Includes a 2 Position Hinged Front Door
* Sealed with a Neoprene Gasket
* Accommodate Dual Post/ Removable & DIN Style Stereos
* Fits Din Style or Removable Stereos
* U shaped Mounting Bracket for Deck or Overhead Installation
* Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
* Polycarbonate Bracket
* Support Shelf for Radio in Rear of Housing
* Pre-Wired Power(3 Wire), Speaker (8 Wire), RCA (2 Wire), Antenna
* UV Resistant Plastic
* Dimensions: 4-in (H) x 9.1/8-in (W)x 1/2-in (D)
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 2.96 lbs.
This universal marine stereo housing is perfect for mounting your stereo on your boat or outdoors.
The 2 position hinged front door protects your stereo from the harsh marine environment by sealing it with a neoprene gasket for protection from water.
The shield is also UV resistant to prevent cracking.
It accommodates dual post/removable and DIN-style stereos.
The U shaped mounting bracket can be used on a deck or for overhead installation.
Includes stainless steel mounting hardware and wires.