Universal Device Studio Equipment Tabletop Stand Holder Mount, DJ Sound System Workstation, Two-Tier Shelves
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* Safe & Secure DJ Equipment Placement
* Tabletop Style Provides Convenient Device Access
* Universal: Holds All of Your Favorite Devices
* Perfect for Turntables, Mixer, Laptop and Other Equipment
* Dual Shelf Two-Tier Stand System
* Both Shelves Feature Angle/Tilt Adjustments
* Perforated Back-Plate for Cable Arrangement
* Cushion- Padded Shelves to Protect Your Equipment
* Rugged & Reliable Steel Construction
* Suitable for On Stage and In-Studio Use
* For Beginner and Professional Applications
* Used by Musicians, Instrument Players, Performers, Sound Engineers, DJ, MC, etc.
* Top Shelf Tilt Adjustment: 0 Degrees , 20 Degrees , 40 Degrees
* Bottom Shelf Tilt Adjustment: 0 Degrees , 5 Degrees , 10 Degrees , 15 Degrees , 20 Degrees
* Includes Protective Dust Cover
* Assembly Instructions Included
* Weight: 32.3 lbs.
* Top Shelf (W x L): 45.2-in x 15.2-in inches
* Bottom Shelf (W x L): 17.7-in x 17.0-in inches
* Total Unit Size (W x L): 45.2-in x 18.5-in inches