USB Turntable with direct-to-digital USB/SD Card Encoder & Built-in AM/FM Radio conversion
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* Turn your Records Into MP3s.
* 3 speed (33 1/3/45 and 78 RPM) turntables.
* Built-in adapter for 45 RPM LP included
* ceramic cartridge with diamond needle.
* Two built-in full range speakers 4 OHMS,30 Watts.
* USB/SD encoder that can easily record old vinyl or other Aux in audio onto flash drive or SD/MMC card through USB/SD sockets in MP3 formats.
* play your music (mp3 and wma )pre-stored on SD/MMC card ,USB drive or M3 player through USB/SD host..
* AM/FM stereo radio
* Strong strengthened semi-transparent dust cover.
* AC 110V 60HZ.
* Dimensions: 15.5-in x 11-in x 4.7-in

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