In-car Infrared Dual-Channel Wireless Stereo Headphones Compatible w/In-Vehicle AV Applications For Kids & Adults
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* Light Weight Design For Comfortable Wearing
* Small Ear Size Fits Children Well
* Auto Mute On Headphone
* Auto Power Off Function On Headphone
* Personal Volume Control
* Dual Channel
* A Channel: Right Channel: 2.8mhz; Left Channel: 2.3mhz
* B Channel: Right Channel: 3.8mhz; Left Channel: 3.2mhz
* Speaker: 30mm Mylar
* Cone Impedance: About 32ohm
* Effective Range(Maximum): About 10 Meters
* S/N Ratio: 70db(Minimum)
* Channel Separation: 40db(Minimum)
* Frequency Response: 30-20000Hz
* Power Supply: 2
*AAA Battery
* Battery Life: About 48 Hours
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 0.44 lbs.
Keep the back seat entertained in quiet with these wireless headphones.
They pair with our Pyle Car headrest video players and other in-car DVD players that support wireless IR headphones.
These headphones are comfortable and easy to use.
But best of all, they keep the in-car environment serene and quiet, allowing the backseat to watch their videos in peace.
Requires two AA batteries.