Handheld Stud / Metal/ Voltage Detector W/ Sensitivity Adjustment, Center Location, LED & Audible Alerts
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* Ergonomic design & fit * LED & audible indicators * Locates studs, live cable, & metal objects * Adjustable detector sensitivity * 8.78-in L x3.62-in W x1.77-in H * Requires 1 x9V battery (not included) * Sold as: Unit * Weight: 0.75 lbs.
The PMD24 uses electronic signals to locate the exact position of studs, AC wires & metal through drywall, concrete & other common materials.
Once the edge of a stud has been detected, the PMD24 emits audio & visual signals (LED Display) that allow you to narrow in on the center of the stud.
The PMD24 locates metal objects & live conductors as well.
Felt cushioning allows the PMD24 to easily slide across walls without damage.
The visual & audible indicators alert you to the presence of conductive metal or live voltage.
Ideal for use in the field or at home.
Adjustable sensitivity for detecting studs or metal/voltage.
Powered by 9V battery (not included)