Secure & Anti-Theft Key Lock Tablet Floor Stand Holder with Adjustable, Bendable, Rotating Swivel Gooseneck, USB Charge Port & Sturdy Tempered Glass Base for iPad, Kindle, Android, eReader, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, etc.
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* Fits All Tablets from 8.0 to 10.1" inches.
* Securely Holds iPad, Kindle, Android, Samsung, Nexus Tablets & More!.
* Innovative Anti-Theft Lock Design with Keys Included.
* Adjustable, Bendable, Rotating Swivel Gooseneck.
* Built-in USB Charge Port.
* Height Adjustment, from 43.5" to 58.5" inches.
* 300 Degree Rotation Allows for Portrait and Landscape Orientation.
* Tempered Glass Base for Stability and Durability.
* Smartphone/MP3 Player Holder Included.
* 4.53 Feet Tall.
* Base: 1.15-in x 1.15-in x 0.05-in .
* USB Input power: 5V / 600mA ~ 2000mA.
* Weight: 7.5 lbs..
* Color: Black

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