Compact Portable USB DJ software Controller Tested with Windows 10
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Manufacturer: DJ TECH

Poket DJ is a digital DJ package that is perfect for anyone who love music, has never tried DJing, & want to take the first step into the DJ world.
There is no need to worry about mixer, turntable or burning CDs.
All of the standard function are integrated into once device.
The hardware included in this package includes the Poket DJ Controller & Deckadance LE digital DJ Software ( for Pc or Mac).
Using a standard USB connection, the user can connect the controller to the included software, Deckadance LE.
This allows the user to easily control all of the software's function without touching the computer's keyboard.
Utilizing direct integration w/iTunes libraries, the Poket DJ allows the user to mix & scratch tracks without having to change existing playlist.
The high-resolution jog wheels, central mixer section, & transport controls allow user to easily cue, play & transition between songs.
* Pre-assigned keys for easy access to hotcues & auto loops..
* Ultra-portable USB DJ software controller.
* Compatible w/most DJ applications w/MIDI support.
* Multi-function buttons for autoloop, Hot cues & samplers.
* BEATMATCH counter for Each Deck.
* Mouseless navigation built-in.
* DJ Software Deckadance LE.
* Tested with Windows Versions 7 to 10 and Mac Version 10

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