19-in Rack 4500 Watt Professional DJ Power Amplifier
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* 2200 Watts x 2 Power Amplifier
* Dual Output Level Controls and Illumination
* Protection Indicator
* Power On/Off Switch
* Stereo/Mono Selector
* Stereo or Bridged Power Into 4 or 8 Ohms
* Dual RCA Combo Inputs
* Binding Post Outputs
* Blue Color LED Display
* Ground Lift Switch
* AC Accessory Inlet
* Heavy Duty Fan Cooled Aluminum Heatsink
* 110/220 Voltage Selector
* Dimensions: 3 15/32-in H x 19-in W x 10 11/16-in D
* Weight 20.28 LBS
* Sold as: Unit
* Weight: 24.04 lbs.
The PPA450 causes any head to turn with its 4400 watt capability.
With an AC inlet cable and combo inputs, there's hardly a reason why the myriad equipment of a musician shouldn't hookup to this behemoth.