Composite & Converter To VGA-Wide Sreen
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* Composite Video Input Interface: RCA (The Model w/BNC Interface Is: PBNC7503) * Inputs: 1 xComposite Video, 1 xS-Video & 1 xVGA; * Output: 1 xVGA; * Switch Between The 3 Inputs & Output One Of Them To VGA; * The VGA Input Is Pass Through To The VGA Output Directly Without Any Processing, Both PAL/NTSC Are Supported; * It Supports Wide-Screen 16: 9 & 16: 10 LCD As Well To Cater For Wider Applications; * Optional Resolution: 800 x600/60HZ, 800 x600/75HZ, 1024x768/60HZ, 1280 x720/60HZ, 1440 x900/60HZ, 1600 x900/60HZ, 1680 x1050/60HZ; * Lightness, Hue, Contrast, Saturation, Color, Etc.
Are Adjustable & Settings Is Auto-Saved When Power Off * Composite Video & S-Video Are Up-Scaled To 1680 x1050 & 3D Video-Processing Tech Is Applied To Make Output Picture Rich In Color, More Vivid & Free From Flicker * Product Dimension: 3.9-in (L) x2.4-in (W) x1-in (H) * AC Adapter 110/220V Included * Sold as: Unit * Weight: 0.89 lbs.
This video converter takes a composite video or S-video input & converts it to VGA widescreen for display on your monitor or VGA-compatible TV.
It supports a variety of resolutions, including 800 x600, 1024 x768, 1440 x900, 1600 x900, & 16080 x1050.
Adjust the lightness, hue, contrast, saturation, color, etc.
using the built-in settings.
This unit up-scales your video for high-resolution, HD display.
3D video-processing technology makes the output rich in color, more vivid, & completely flicker-free.
Simply plug everything in & turn it on.
Includes an AC adaptor for use.