PRO 2" Bolt On Throat Compression Driver with 3" Phenolic Voice Coil 800 Watts 8-ohm
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Manufacturer: DS18 AUDIO

Engineered and Designed in the US, the DS18 Compression Drivers with aluminum horns are the top of the line high frequency driver/tweeter/horns in the market.
These bad boys deliver so much power that you'd think with one horn your whole sound system is ready to deploy for a major concert.
Simply put, there are no compression drivers that can compare to the sophistication, beauty, and precision of these horns especially in the Pro Audio/Voceteo World.
Thanks to the demands of our customers, after months of relentless tests and experiments, our team of audio-experts perfected the PRO line.
We are ecstatic to share with you the product of hard-work and non-stop innovating attitude! We are sure that you will love your Compression Driver as much as we do.

* Type: Compression
* RMS Power: 400W
* MAX Power: 800W
* AES Rated Power 200W
* Sensitivity: 109dB
* Impedance: 8 ohms
* Frequency Response: 500Hz - 18.5KHz
* Diaphragm Material: Titanium
* Throat Diameter: 2-in
* Magnet Material: Ferrite
* Magnet Weight 65 oz
* Bolt type Bolt-on
* Measurements * Overall Diameter 6.69-in
* Overall Depth 3.2-in

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