Wave Base Bluetooth Tabletop Soundbar Digital Speaker System with Remote Control, AUX (3.5mm) & RCA Input Jacks
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* Designed to Sit Under Your Television.
* Home Theater Tabletop TV Stand Mount.
* Powerful and Compact Speaker Sound Bar System.
* Built-in Bluetooth for Instant Wireless Music Streaming.
* Works with All of Your Favorite Bluetooth-Enabled Devices.
* (iPhone, Smartphone, iPod, MP3 Player, iPad, Tablet, PC, MP3 Player, etc.).
* System Doubles as TV Speaker Base Entertainment System.
* Ported Tube Design for Extended Bass Performance.
* Full-Range Audio Spectrum Stereo Sound Reproduction
* Convenient Source Selection with LED Indicators.
* Easy Touch Button Audio Select Control Center.
* Aux (3.5mm) Input Connector Jack.
* Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Setup.
* Includes Remote Control, Power Supply and RCA to RCA Audio Cables Technical Specs:
* Max Power Output: 30 Watt (15 x 2).
* Bluetooth Version: 3.0.
* Bluetooth Wireless Range: 30 Feet
* Speaker Impedance: 6 Ohm.
* 3-Way Sound: (4) x 1.5-in Full Ranges and (1) x 3.5-in Woofer.
* Inputs: 3.5mm (AUX), RCA and Digital Optical Audio Connector Jacks.
* (Connect to TV, Mac, PC, Laptop, Home Theater, Receiver, etc.).
* Power Supply: AC~120V, 60Hz.
* Frequency Response: 50Hz.
* 20kHz (+/- 6dB).
* Input Sensitivity: 700mV.
* S/N: 60dB.
* THD: 10%
* Maximum TV Holding Capacity: 110 lbs..
* Dimensions: 20.6-in x 12.0-in x 3.0-in