Multi-Function Digital Sports Training Fitness Smart Watch with GPS Navigation, E-Compass, ANT+ Support for Running, Walking, Jogging (Pink Color)
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* GPS System Maps Your Route and Records It.
* Integrated 6-Axis Digital Navigation E-Compass.
* Built-in Smart Sensor for Accurate and Reliable Results.
* Wirelessly Record Your Fitness, Exercise & Training Performances.
* Built-in Memory Saves All of Your Performance Records.
* Connect to PC and Review Your Performance Data in Maps, Graphs & Charts.
* View Training Data like Speed, Distance, Lap Number, Lap Time & Lap Distance.
* Ghost Feature Allows You to Challenge Your Best Time & Distance.
* Wrist Watch System Also Features Standard Time Functions.
* System Includes GPS Smart Watch, USB Charging Cable and GPS Sports Center Performance Analysis Software Included GPS Sports Center Software:
* Connect to Your Computer and see Detailed Maps and Graphs
* Satellite World View of Your Distance Traveled
* Import & Export Performance Records for Analysis.
* Tracks Training Sessions and Retains Them for Comparison and Improvement.
* *Works with Windows PC Versions Only ANT+ Wireless Technology:.
* ANT+ Sensor Networking for Wireless Data Transmission.
* Compatible with 2.4GHz ANT+ Accessories
* (Heart Rate, Cadence, Speed, RPM, Distance, Power Meters and Sensors).
* Works With Popular Performance Sensors Made by Garmin and Motorola