24V DC to 12V DC Power Step Down 720 Watt Converter W/ PMW Technology
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* PMW Power Technology
* Power Output 360W Continuous
* Power Output 720W Peak
* For Use in 24 Volt Vehicles Trucks, RV, Buses, Etc.
Allows installation of 12 Volt Items Such as Car Stereo s, CB Radio s, Fog Lights, Etc.
* No load current draw: <0.2 Amp
* 4 Ways Protection (Short Circuit, Over Load, High Voltage & Low Voltage)
* Input Voltage:DC 24 Volt
* Output Voltage: DC 12.5v-12.8 Volt
* Fuse Rating:30A
* Converse Efficiency: 85%
* Dimensions: 5.51-in x 4.72-in x 1.88-in