300 Watts Digital AM/FM/USB Stereo Receiver
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* Power main: 150W x 2 @ 8 ohm; 300W x 2 @ 4 ohm
* AM/FM Tuner W/Digital Display Screen
* AUTO SCAN,MEMORY, Radio Stations Pre/Next control
* Play/Pause/PRE/Next/Stop Control for USB Function
* Volume/Bass/Treble/Balance control for Main Channel
* Volume/Bass/Treble/Echo Control for Microphone
* Stereo Receiver Amplifier With four Speaker Output (A/B) binding post terminals
* Stereo Amplifier With A/B Speaker Output
* AM/FM Radio With Digital Display Screen
* 50 Radio Station Pre-Set Memory
* USB flash drive Reader function
* Control For Main Channel
* TWO RCA Input Source
* Control For Microphone
* Two Microphone input Jack
* Remote Control Included
* 110V/220V Power Switch
* Dimension:19-in x 11.4-in x 4.7-in
* Weight:11.5 LBS

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