Surf Sound PLAY Universal Waterproof iPod, iPhone4 & iPhone5 MP3 Player Case & Smartphone Portable Speaker (Blue Color)
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* Insert your Device and Your Audio is Amplified.
* Waterproof, Portable and Protective Case with Built-in Speaker.
* IP-47 Grade Waterproof & Dustproof Construction
* Engineered Clear Plastic is Responsive and Allows Touchscreen Use.
* Enjoy Full Functionality of your Device While is Inside
* Connect Your Smartphone or MP3 Player via 3.5mm Cable.
* Works with the Latest Smartphones like iPhones, Galaxy S, Xperia S
* HTC One XL, Nokia Lumina 900, and more!.
* Amplifies Your Device with Stereo Speaker Sound.
* Retractable Kickstand.
* UV Surface Protective Treatment.
* Requires 3 x AAA Batteries (not included).
* Dimensions: 3.85-in (W) x 7.95-in (H) x 1.37-in (D).
* Fits Devices up to: 2.77-in (W) x 5.27-in (H) x 0.46-in (D)