Active Noise Reduction Stereophone
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The Koss Quiet Zone QZ PRO stereophone delivers a winning combination of passive & active noise reduction (ANR) for music lovers who are looking for a little peace & quiet on the go.
Designed w/soft, vinyl closed cushions that create a seal around the ear, the QZ PRO creates a passive, mechanical seal that reduces ambient noise while retaining bass frequencies.
Koss’s active noise reduction circuitry is built directly into the earcups using tiny microphones that sense surrounding low frequency.
Information about the undesirable sound waves is processed through the circuitry & creates an "anti-wave." The sound wave & "anti-wave" counteract each other at the wearer’s ear, reducing the irritating low frequency noise & increasing listening pleasure.
Designed to reduce low frequency, repetitive noise, the QZ PRO is most effective at blocking out noises you want to eliminate while not affecting things you want to hear- like voice & music.
The QZ PRO affects those noises between 30Hz & 1400 Hz, allowing music & voice to come through loud & clear.
No lightweight when it comes to sound reproduction, the QZ PRO utilizes a dynamic element for a full frequency response of 40-20,000 Hz.
A deep bass & balanced midrange deliver an impressive sound performance whether you’re enjoying a DVD, CD or MP3 recording.
An extra-soft, padded headband allows for lightweight comfort for extended listening periods.
Completely collapsible, the QZ PRO makes an ideal travel companion on a plane, bus or automobile.
No need for noise cancellation? No problem.
& unlike some competitive models, you can enjoy the Sound of Koss w/or without noise reduction.
The QZ PRO noise reduction circuitry can be turned on & off w/a flip of a switch.
The QZ PRO operates on 2 "AAA" batteries & delivers approximately 30 hours of continuous play.
Additional features include a 4-foot, single entry, straight cord & a 2-prong airline adapter.
To install the batteries: The QZPro does operate on batteries which are located in the right earcup.
If you grasp the right ear cushion & turn counter clockwise, the ear cushion should twist off.The battery compartment is located inside.
Frequency= Response 40-20,000 Hz
Impedance= 32 ohms
Sensitivity= 90 dB SPL/1mW
Distortion= <0.2%
Cord= Straight, Single Entry, 4ft