6-Deck USB DJ Controller w/Audio Interface Built-in, supports Midi over USB
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Welcome to the RELOADED - the 6 deck USB DJ Controller for Virtual DJ.
Up to 6 Decks Live Control in Virtual DJ
The RELOADED features a familiar 2-platter layout & 6 direct deck-select buttons for controlling up to 6 decks in Virtual DJ Pro, while the included Virtual DJ LE is optimized for 4-deck control.
4-in 4-out Audio Interface built-in
The extremely clean, high-quality soundcard feeds pristine audio signal to two stereo outputs & your headphones of your RELOADED.
Connect your Turntables, CD Players or other external audio source into RELOADED s audio inputs to use Time Code Vinyl/ CD for DVS Control or simply mix & add FX on your external audio source.
Low latency audio driver is also included for PC & Mac.
Seriously built & reliable parts
The RELOADED has high-quality controls & extremely resistant ABS housing.
The aluminum brushed panel on the 2 decks even make the unit more reliable for heavy-duty use.
It ll stay in place even when your fast-scratch technique gets aggressive!
4-Deck Controller optimized for Virtual DJ LE
Control up to 6 decks w/Virtual DJ Pro full version
Built-in audio I/O w/low latency ASIO audio driver
4-in 4-out audio interface
Direct access for 4 samplers
3 hot cues per deck
In/ Out Loop, Autoloop
Adjustable touch sensitive jog wheels
Aluminum brushed panel for heavy duty use
Stiff, reliable knobs faders & buttons
Support MIDI over USB
Includes Virtual DJ LE softwa

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