Bluetooth Line Array Speaker feature packed with integrated LED Lightshow
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Manufacturer: GLI PRO

This great sounding speaker system with integrated crossover uses four drivers, two 8-in woofers, one 8-in midrange and one high frequency driver to create spectacular sounds.
It also uses four tuned ports to help manage base response.
Combine that with a full feature light show and this is something truly special.
* Includes standard size pole mount hole on bottom or use the rubber feet to floor stand the speaker.
* Integrated MP3 Media player, Media player for playing MP3 songs via USB, SD or Bluetooth technology.
* LED Show mode control knob options: OFF: Turn the light off., Mood: The lights will light up solidly., Meter: The column of Iights will simulate a digital volume.
, Mix: The lights willl ight up according to the frequency spectrum of the audio signal.
Bass frequencies will produce more red light.
Mid-range frequencies will produce more green Iight.
Treble frequencies will produce more blue light.
, Pulse: The audio signal will cause the lights to pulse with one color (determined by the color select knob) with their brightness determined by the light knob.
* Party: When the color select knob is fully counter clockwise, the LEDs cycle rapidly through a pre-programmed dynamic show of colors and meter levels.
* Turn the color select knob clockwise from this position to change to a slower continuous cycle of solid colors.
Turn the color select knob further clockwise to slow down how quickly the colors change.
* Light brightness control.
* Level Mic / Line 1: Volume control for the microphone or line 1 input.
* Level Player/ Line 2: Volume control for the player and line 2 input.
* Treble control for high tone control.
* Bass control for low tone control.
* MIC / Line 1 Input: XLR jack input for connecting microphone or audio source with line level output (e.g.
mixer, CO player)
* RCA Line 2 Input: RCA jack input or connecting audio source with line level output (e.g.
mixer, CO player)
* Jack 3.5mm Line 2 Input,
* Link output: XLR jack output for connecting another active loudspeaker.
* Player/ Line 2 Switch: selects between Player or line 2 input.
* LED Power indicator
* Dimensions: 10.5-in Width, 9.5-in Depth, 36.25-in height.
* Mounts to standard pole mount like the model: GLI-PRO SST-18.

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