Keyless entry & Remote Start Two 4-button OEM style transmitters & theft deterrent indicator lights
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Excalibur is one of the most recognized & respected names in vehicle convenience.
This feature-rich system will put vehicle comfort at your fingertips.
The Excalibur RS-351-EDP offers the latest in remote start & convenience technology.
* Two 4-button OEM style transmitters
* Keyless entry
* Ignition controlled doorlocks
* Remote start compatible w/gas or diesel engines
* Selectable engine run times
* Turbo timer - 1, 2, or 3 minute run time!
* Low voltage auto start
* data ports compatible w/our ECHO 2-way upgradekits.
This system includes 2 status lights that are built into the window mount antenna
It is desirable for these to be visible from as many angles around the
vehicle as possible for maximum visual theft deterrence.
The control module has a
separate port for the status light, so an optional dash/custom mounted light can be
utilized if desired.
* Door Lock & Horn Control
* Trunk Release Control Option