Works as a software controller when used in conjunction with compatible software such as our bundled wJS
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Manufacturer: PIONEER PRO DJ

The SEP-C1 is included with the MEP-7000 Multi Entertainment Player, but is also available separately.
This allows you to manage and control playback of audio files stored on your computer, to give full-scale DJ performance without the need for a mouse or keyboard.

* Touch-sensitive jog wheel
* Industry's first Area-Color OEL display
* Instant change: Mix tracks by simply pushing one button

Control Pioneer s DJ Software (DJS1) and Other PC Applications
* The SEP-C1 includes Pioneer s DJS all-in-one DJ software application for playback from a Windows based computer (PC not included).
When connected to DJS, no mouse or keyboard is required for navigation and DJ performance.
Furthermore, the SEP-C1 supports control of other software, such as SERATO Scratch LIVE2, without need of the control discs.
The SEP-C1 is also a full MIDI controller for any MIDI-compatible PC application.
* 4.3-Inch Color LCD & Intelligent Graphical User Interface
* In addition to the high-visibility 4.3-inch color LCD panel, an intelligent graphic user interface and rotary selector enables rapid track search through large collections of digital audio.
A play list function also speeds the track selection process for recalling frequently played songs.
* Industry s First3 Bright Organic Electroluminescence (OEL)
* Two high-visibility OEL displays give the SEP-C1 outstanding visibility for the pitch, playback time and position information.
Together with its main 4.3-inch color LCD, the OEL display ensures smooth DJ play regardless of lighting conditions.
* DJS Auto Mix Function
* An Auto Mix function automatically mixes playback of the tracks registered on the play list in four modes such as ECHO or ZIP.
Audio is seamlessly beat matched and mixed on the fly.
* DJS Effects Enhance DJ Performance
* Eight effects within Pioneer DJS (Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Auto Trance, Auto Filter, Flanger, Reverb and Pitch Shifter) add versatility to mixing performances.
The effects can be synchronized with the music tempo (BPM) at the click of a button.
* Tempo Control Range: Choose among four pitch ranges available for the tempo slider: +/- 6%, +/- 10%, +/- 16%, and WIDE4.
* Pitch Bend Button: Enables fine adjustment of the track speed by simply pressing a button.
* Seamless Loop: Repeats looped audio without interruption.
A loop can be set from as small as one frame up to an entire CD s length.
* Hot Loop: Restarts the loop seamlessly from its entry without interruption of the music.
* Auto BPM Counter: Measures and digitally displays a track s tempo.
* Rack-Mount Ready: Ready for rack-mount which is useful for club/studio installations.

* Width: 19 in
* Height: 3.29 in
* Depth: 5.24 in
* Weight: 3.75 lb
* Performance Control
* Jog Wheel: 80 mm
* Terminals
* USB: 1 USB B port
* Outputs: 1 MASTER (RCA)

Please note that the pictured laptop is not included.

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