Compact PA Mixer w/USB Port which allows you to play or record in MP3 direct to flash drives.
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Manufacturer: JAMMIN PRO

Just plug your USB flash drive, press REC & record in CD quality, either from live or recorded sources.
Perfect for rehearsal, or in your home studio, this unit features eight high quality 24-bit effects for vocal performances.
Enjoy some great reverb, some harmonizer, or radio effects.
Features Phantom Power (Mic feed power) and a high quality Preamp.
The center cancel on the MP3 player will be very usefull for your karaoke experience.
The built in transformer provides security for safe gigs.
STUDIOMIX 1002FX comes bundled w/Audio Cleaning Lab Se, to optimize your take on your computer, if you decide to clean your recording.

* Ten channel mixer ( Two mic plus three line-in plus One USB/MP3).
* USB port for up to 32 GB for Flash Drive.
* Play & record in MP3 with CD quality fidelity.
* Real time recording without the need to use a personal computer.
* Eight DSP vocal effects - 24 bit.
* Center cancel / vocal cancel on MP3.
* Phantom power.
* LED display for easy folder access.
* Built in transformer.
* Two software packages included; Audacity and Magix.; Magix Audio Cleaning Lab se.

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