12-in Brit Guitar Speaker, 125W, 8 ohms w/Copper voice coil
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Tonker-lite a very lightweight, but hard-hitting 12" speaker w/British flavor & harmonic balance
A nice round, balanced tone like the Tonker, but w/extended top end & less lower-mid meat.
* Ideal For: Blues, Southern Rock, Country
* Impedance: 8 ohms
* Power Rating: 125W
* Maximum Power:
* Frequency Response: 70Hz-5.5kHz
* Voice Coil Diameter: 2", 50.8mm
* Depth: 5.1-in, 129mm
* Coil Contruction: Copper voice coil
* Magnet Composition: Neodymium magnet
* Cone composition: Paper Cone
* Nominal Basket Diameter:12", 304.8mm
* Sensitivity: 101
* Magnet Weight: 4 oz.
* Core Details: Non-vented core
* Coil Former: Polyimide former