Air-Powered Series Lift-assist Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stand w/Integrated Speaker Adapter
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Air-Powered Series speaker stands from Ultimate Support represent everything all other speaker stands aspire to be.
They're incredibly strong, extraordinarily sturdy, lightweight, 100% field serviceable, & raise & lower speaker stands on their own! Driven by innovation & years of research & development, the Air-Powered Series feature an internal shock that lifts speakers weighing 35 lbs & less w/no effort, & requires just one hand's worth of effort to raise speakers weighing more than 35 lbs! There are three models to choose from: the TS-100B, TS-110B which offers additional height, & the TS-110BL which also offers additional height plus a leveling leg that allows the speaker stand to stay level on risers, stairs, & other uneven surfaces.
TS-100B Product Breakdown:
* Raise & Lower the Speaker w/Ease!
* Patented Tripod Design
* Over-sized Heavy Wall Aluminum Tubing
* 100% Field Serviceable Parts
Raise & Lower the Speaker w/Ease!
The TS-100 is the easiest speaker stand to use thanks to the internal air-powered shock that literally raises the speaker for you.
The stand's internal shock easily raises speakers weighing 35 lbs & less w/no effort from the user.
And, the TS-100 requires very little effort from the end user to raise speakers weighing more than 35 lbs.
When you're ready to lower the speaker, we've provided a convenient & ergonomic hand grip from which you can lower the speaker - w/just one hand.
There's never been an easier, more convenient, or safer way to set up & tear down speakers.
Patented Tripod Design
The TS-100's offset tripod base design provides more support than typical "off-the-shelf" speaker stands.
The design makes for very tight internal fittings, doing away w/unnecessary sloppy leg problems, & includes a super strong die-cast metal collar that prevents over-tightening & breakage issues associated w/all plastic designs.
Over-sized Heavy Wall Aluminum Tubing
The entire stand (legs, mast, & telescoping tube) uses oversized, heavy-walled aluminum tubing for durability, functionality, & weight savings.
The TS-100 will not rust or corrode (thanks to its architectural anodized finish), is very smooth to operate, & is extraordinarily strong yet lightweight.
100% Field Serviceable Parts
From the foot caps on the bottom of the tripod legs all the way up to the speaker adapter at the top of the stand, the TS-100 is serviceable by parts as needed over its very long lifespan.
In the unlikely event that something does break on the TS-100, simply replace w/an affordable part instead of throwing the entire stand away & buying a whole new one!
* Part Number: 16759
* Height: 3'8-in - 6'7-in (1118 mm - 2007 mm)
* Weight: 10 lbs.
(4.5 kg)
* Base Diameter: 47-in (1194 mm)
* Telescoping Tube Diameter: 1.5-in (38 mm)
* Adapter Diameter: 1.375-in (35 mm)
* Load Capacity: 150 lbs.
(68.2 kg)
* Folded: 43.5-in x 5.5-in (1105 mm x 140 mm)

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