Dual VHF wireless microphone system w/VHF-H frequency band for interference-free reception
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* VHF-H frequency band for interference-free reception
* Multilevel high frequency & mid frequency narrowband filter for fully eliminating signal disturbing
* Low power consumption design
* Unique ALC circuitry for avoiding distortion from high volume
* Low voltage indication available on handheld microphone transmitter
* Circuit controlled switching noise avoidance
* Quartz crystal oscillator circuitry for extremely stable frequency
* Audio companding technique for reducing the noise & increasing the dynamic range
* Effective feedback control circuitry
* Independent unbalanced & mixed outputs
* Rugged & durable handheld microphone design
* Mute Control: Noise Lock
* Frequency Deviation: +/- 18kHz
* Frequency Response: 80Hz-15kHz
* Frequency Stability: +/- 0.005%
* S/N Ratio:>70dB
* Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5 % (at 1kHz)
* Number of Channels: 2 Channels
* Receiving Sensitivity: -80dBm
* Operating Range: 50m in Open Area
* Resonance Interference Rate: Greater than or equal to: 50dB
* False Image Interference Rate: Greater than or equal to: 80dB
* Receiver Power Supply: DC 12V/300mA
* Carrier Frequency Band: VHF-H
* Output Type: Separate & Mixed Output
* Accessories: AC Adaptor, 9V Batteries, User Manual

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