Single Channel UHF Wireless Mic System w/Wireless Handheld Mic and Transmitter
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Manufacturer: VOCOPRO

Ever find yourself thinking if only I had one more wireless mic, or wanting to add a wireless mic to a non-wireless system? Now you can, thanks to the UHF-18 from VocoPro.

The UHF-18 is a single channel UHF wireless microphone module that can add wireless capability to any system with a 1/4-in input.
Designed as a plug-in module for VocoPros HERO-RV, CHAMPION-RV and SOUNDMAN series, the UHF-18 is also a stand alone module that can hook up to any audio system with a 1/4-in input.

So if you are looking to add a wireless mic to your system without the cost and bulk of a multiple mic system, pick up a UHF-18 today.

* Complies with New FCC Frequency Rules
* Can Be Used as a Plug-In Device or Independently
* UHF Antenna Connects Securely with BNC Plug
* Volume Control with Power Switch
* 1/4-in Mic Out and DC Input for Independent Operation
Frequency Sets: UHF-18-M: M; UHF-18-N: N; UHF-18-O: O
* Fits Expansion Ports on the HERO-RV, CHAMPION-RV, DVD-SOUNDMAN and SOUNDMAN
* Microphone Requires Two AA Batteries
* Power Adapter and 1/4-in Patch Cable Included

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