iPod & USB Mixer w/ Video Output
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The uMix-3 is a 2-channel audio/video mixer w/full 3 band EQ for iPods & USB devices.
The unit features a lightweight ABS casing & provides a single iPod dock & a USB input.
Channel 1 is dedicated to one iPod & Channel 2 is dedicated to the USB input.
Just simply plug in your iPod & USB device & start mixing right away! The front panel of the unit contains direct access to the microphone volume & tone, as well as the headphone volume.
The uMix-3 also features a dual video output so that music videos that are being mixed can be displayed on an external video device like an LCD TV.
Feature Overview:
- 2-channel analog DJ mixer w/full 3-band EQ
- One iPod dock w/full set of adaptors
- One USB input
- Reads MP3/WMA/AAC/MP4 files
- iPod video output
- Recharge iPod during playback
- Rotary knob for channel volume
- Mic input jack (6.35mm) w/tone control
- 1 x master output (2 RCA) + 1 x rec out (2 RCA)
- Durable, customizable crossfader
- Size: 19.5(D) x 23(W) x 5.5(H) cm
- Weight: 750gr
- AC adaptor included