USB Media Player w/ Hot Cue Storage
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The uSolo-E is a USB digital media player.
This entry-level media player provides the ability to cue, play, loop, & scratch digital music files via the USB port.
There's no longer a need to burn CDs anymore, just load your playlists & digital music files directly onto a USB drive, plug the USB drive into the uSolo-E & get mixing! Navigate easily through your files using the intelligent music database management system & the rotary knob.
The uSolo-E also features frame accurate search, auto BPM counter, seamless looping, & 3 hot cues that can be stored to memory.
Simple to use, affordable, & feature packed, the uSolo-E is the perfect place to start for anyone looking to upgrade to a USB media player!
- Compact USB media player w/cue memory
- Large LCD display
- MP3s compatible at any bit rate up to 320kbps (CBR or VBR)
- USB input accepts up to 250GB hard drives
- 3 hot cue memory banks w/instant play
- Pitch up to 25% & key lock
- XXL jog wheel w/brake effect
- Seamless loop & reloop
- Auto BPM or manual tap BPM
- Multi-function knob for easy track selection & navigation
- Dimensions: 204(W) x 215(D) x 93(H) mm
- Weight: 1.1kgs