Professional USB Media Player w/ Effects & Sampler
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The uSolo Pro is a fully functional media player which features a USB input, DSP effects, a built in sampler, & 4 assignable hot cues.
The integrated sampler allows the user to sample directly from your music source.
The full-sized, touch sensitive jog wheel can be used to pitch bend, search through tracks, or scratch your digital music files.
There's no longer a need to burn CDs, just load your files onto a USB thumb drive, plug the thumb drive into the uSolo Pro, & get DJing!
* USB media player w/effects
* 9 effects (can be combined): Scratch, Brake, Flanger, Echo, Filter, Pan, Trans, Phaser, & Skid
* 4 bank sampler, * 4 hot cues
* Touch sensitive & multi mode jog wheel
* Reverse play, * Pitch adjustable to 100%
* 100mm Pitch Fader
* Seamless loop
* Master tempo
* Fader start
* BPM counter
* Direct, real-time access to effects
* Firmware upgradable w/new functions
* Dimensions: 246mm (w) x 346mm (d) x 105mm(h)

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