TRACKLINK Guitar to USB Interface, 1/4-in TS to USB Type A, 10 ft
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The TRACKLINK Guitar to USB Interface makes it easy to connect your electric guitar, bass, or keyboard directly to your computer.
Simply plug the 1/4-in in TS connector into your instrument & the USB connector into your computer & play you’ll be tracking in no time! It works w/each of the following:
* Electric guitars, basses, & keyboards
* Pedal effects & effects processors
* Any electronic musical instrument w/a mono phone output
Use your existing software to process your sound or, if you use guitar pedal effects or signal processors, simply plug the instrument end into the last effect in your signal chain.
The on-board analog-to-digital converter will faithfully reproduce your sound in CD-quality.
It’s that easy!
Connector(s): 1/4-in TS to USB Type A
Length: 10 ft