Complete Window Tint Installer Starter Kit w/Apron & spray bottle
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This Complete Window Tint Installer Starter Kit Includes:
(1) PRO A-1 Utility Snap Edge Knife w/replacements blades,
(1) LIL chizler, (1) White scrub window cleaning prep pad,
(2) White hard card squeegee which can be used inside the Unger PR000 Squeegee Handle
(1) 5 3/4-in Stainless steel channel & soft rubber squeegee blade insert for use w/the Unger PR000 Squeegee Handle.
Used in the flat glass cleaning process & in the final cleanup after the film installation to remove soap streaks or smudges
(1) Unger PR000 Pro Stainless Quick Release Steel Squeegee Handle w/Ergo Rubber Grip
(1) 32 Oz Spray bottle w/Plastic Filtered Maxi Sprayer, (1) Pack of 100 single edge blades,
(1) CONQUERER Multi Edge Professional squeegee Tool ideal for difficult to reach areas
(1) 3.5 Yellow turbo Soft installation squeegee used to remove application solution during installation of all auto & paint protection films
(1) Blue power max 5-in Hard squeegee w/handle,
(1) VIPER Three Compartment Apron

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