Single Channel Wireless System w/Handheld Wireless Microphone CHANNEL 8 at 204.6 MHZ
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Making wireless freedom more accessible than ever, Gemini’s VHF-1001 single-channel wireless systems offer clear, natural sound quality at a truly affordable price.
Allowing anyone to elevate their performance w/carefree energy & mobility, the VHF series provides everything you need to kick cables to the curb.
The VHF-1001M features a unidirectional dynamic handheld microphone transmitter w/a high-sensitivity cardioid capsule for supremely accurate vocal reproduction.
& to ensure greater reliability & seamless audio, the transmitter also features noise-absorption mechanisms in the mic barrel to eliminate switch shock & handling noise, making the system ideal for vocalists, DJs & MCs.
For assured convenience, the VHF-1001 receiver provides Power & Channel LED indicators, along w/rotary Volume control.
& w/a range of 100 feet, these wireless systems offer reliable performance & clear reception for a variety of settings & applications.
* High-quality VHF receiver w/100 foot range
* Available in four different channels matched to four different frequencies
* Power & Channel LED indicators
* Auto mute & built-in noise reduction
* ON/ OFF power switch
* VHF-1001M: Unidirectional, dynamic handheld microphone transmitter