Advanced 61-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller, Requires Mac or PC
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Manufacturer: ALESIS

Advanced USB/MIDI keyboard MIDI controller that lets you take command of your music software with a series of pads, knobs, and buttons.
With 61 velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keys with aftertouch and Octave Up/Down buttons, you can expand the keyboard to the full melodic range and play bass lines, chords, and melodies.
VI61 also features 16 assignable knobs and 48 assignable buttons for manipulating effect plugins and virtual instruments: open and close filters, adjust volume levels, activate effects, tweak parameters, and more.
16 velocity-sensitive RGB trigger pads allow you to launch clips or finger drum with exceptional response and colorful visual feedback.
Plus, pitch and modulation wheels expand the expressive capabilities of your performing.

* 61 full-sized, square-front, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch
* 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with illuminated RGB feedback for beat production and clip launching
* 48 assignable buttons and 16 assignable knobs interface with your music software
* Pitch and modulation wheels deliver expressive, creative control
* Seamless visual feedback via LED screen and illuminated buttons and knobs
* USB MIDI and 5-pin MIDI Out offer flexible MIDI connectivity
* USB-powered and plug-and-play support for Mac and PC
* Production software included: Ableton Live Lite and Xpand!2 by AIR Music Tech (downloads)
* Contents * VI61 MIDI Keyboard Controller, USB Cable, Ableton Live Lite (Download)
* Xpand!2 by AIR Music Tech (Download), User Guide, Safety & Warranty Manual
Requirements * Mac: OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9 (Software Requirements: OS X 10.8 or 10.9)
* PC: Windows 7 or Windows 8; Multicore Processor; 2GB RAM
* Available USB Port

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