NUMARK WS1009268

Digital Wireless Microphone System Frequency 926.8 Black w/Up to 200 Foot Range
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Manufacturer: NUMARK

The WS100 provides consistent and reliable operation with its dual-antenna diversity system.
Equipped with a foam protected case, you can expect nothing but the best for your events with the 24-bit sound and professional quality.
We have designed the WS100 wireless system to work beautifully over a 200-plus foot range to giving you the confidence and command over your event that you demand.
The wireless connection is sustained by the independent digital ID, which eliminates signal crosstalk and interference.

The UHF 24-bit digital system gives you a clear, wide-range frequency response that reaches down to 50Hz in the bass up to a shimmering 18kHz in the treble.
With a superb signal-to-noise ratio of 96dB, you ll enjoy a transmission signal free from annoying background noise, just like the best wired microphones.
The WS100 system includes wireless mic, wireless receiver, carrying case, ¼” cable, and a handy padded carrying case.

* Wireless handheld microphone transmitter
* Receiver unit with dual antennas for superb performance
* 24-bit digital wireless technology delivers ultra clean pro-quality signal
* 200-foot working range for convenient operation
* Frequency response of 50-18kHz ensures natural vocals and strong bass
* Handheld mic uses (2) AA batteries
* Superb signal-to-noise ratio of 96dB (A) ensures quiet background
* Independent digital ID eliminates signal crosstalk and interference
* System harmonic distortion <.1% for clean, accurate sound
* Includes protective padded carrying case and cable

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